• Biscottino: la golosità non può attendere...
  • Ciocococco: due gusti che sono nati per stare insieme.
  • Caramel: un classico di dolcezza.
  • Foresta Nera: forse l'unica in cui non avrai paura di perderti.
  • Luna di Miele: momenti che non si dimenticano per tutta la vita.
  • Muffin: é già in atto la nuova invasione…
  • Pannacotta: Ritrovare i veri sapori!!!
  • Pralina: differenziatevi dalla normalità!!!
  • Sinfonia Viennese: mentre assaggierete questa bontà anche il tempo si fermerà!!!
  • Snikky: il gusto che ti da la carica!!!
  • I Veneziani: la poesia di Venezia in un gelato.
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Host 2015 Milano


There are a number of activities that allow you to increase the sales of ice cream of your new ice cream.
You will need to invest in advertising with a series of actions such as flyers, ads on local magazines, radio spots and the like.
Obviously after spending a lot of money in equipment and furnishings we should be considered to brand our ice cream with a coordinated style that quickly recognize the face to the consumer so we would have a unique style in all the activities that we are going to do and it will be coordinated with the image of ice cream itself.
Today in the era of Facebook will promote actions and products with this tool by creating a loyal customer base, also by sms and email Professional inform customers of the events or promotions. Our ice cream is a perfect place, and this will help to spread the word that is always a great marketing tool. A careful selection and analysis of the region will allow us to create promotions to suit different market segments. If for example we will be close to a school a student card for discounts consumption could make a difference on the turnover.
Our marketing expert awaits Bigatton Academy for the best advice.

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Our free courses individual to become ice cream or ice cream, frozen yogurt and pastry masters.Here we give a clear explanation of how to play our courses absolutely free for ice cream, yogurt, frozen desserts, paletteria small and sweet dessert.First of all when you contact us by phone or by e-mail in your native language as you will have the first contact Dr. Milena, Milena is an expert in the industry and has a long experience as well as being a huge fan of ice cream and a great gourmand. Milena will ask you questions to understand your expectations and your level of knowledge of the world of ice cream. Will do this to understand and organize your coming to the Academy Bigatton as best as possible.You will set a date and you will have a master ice cream maker at your disposal for 3 or more days.The master speaks Italian and the main European languages. Milena will make you take all 'airport of Venice or Treviso or Portogruaro railway station by our representative. You will not have to pay anything unless you request a specific taxi service agreement with us. We will show you some hotels in different categories for the 'accommodation, they also have very special rates for our students. In some cases, when available, we will provide free accommodation in an apartment belonging to our holders located in the beautiful historic center of Portogruaro. You will have the information of where to go for dinner at affordable prices, or you can use the kitchen of your apartment. Just rested and relaxed at 9 am our representative will take you to the Academy Bigatton where you will begin your career as a gelato. Theoretical and practical lessons will alternate and will produce your first homemade ice cream, you will understand much from day one and will have concrete answers to all your questions. Costs, recipes, preparation will not be secrets for you and you can go from dream to realization. You will meet, in addition to the nice Milena, your teacher and tutor if you need an expert for the construction of your project gelato. Guests can make a chart and an architect who can help you consolidate your ideas. You decorerete and will produce ice cream with your hands and you'll learn about and overcome the difficulties of the trade. Any question will be welcome.Have lunch with your tutor and evening you will be taken to your accommodation.There seems to be a good project and many will wonder what c 'is in and it is all free.Let's be clear by now that if after the course there will feel more the thing we would like.We hope in your success because we consider also our.You should know that the Academy is a prestigious Bigatton sacrifices and cost millions of euros and is sponsored by Bigatton historical production company producing ingredients for ice cream and pastries since 1946. We expect from you only if you arrived at 'goal to open your ice cream us to insert among your suppliers. This would allow us time to recover 'investment made on you. However, no commitment for you to sign.You have to know that however our care system based remote email and chat remains in your life and to your every difficulty we would always be available.Phone calls to Milena to 0039 0421 271554 or contact her via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.